Every fall, orchards across Canada rely on thousands of apple pickers to help harvest their crops. For those looking for a unique seasonal job that allows you to work outdoors and experience farm life, apple picking can be an excellent opportunity.

The Job

As an apple picker, your main responsibility is to manually pick apples from trees in an efficient and careful manner to avoid bruising the fruit. You will use ladders and special picking equipment to reach the apples. The work is physically demanding as it requires climbing, stretching, lifting, and being on your feet for long hours. However, it provides a chance to embrace the crisp autumn air and take in beautiful rural scenery.

Salary and Benefits

Pay rates for apple pickers can vary by province and individual farm, but generally fall between minimum wage and $16 per hour. In some cases, accommodations may be included for seasonal workers willing to stay on the farm premises.

Most apple picking positions are seasonal, temporary jobs lasting around 2-3 months from late August through early November. However, some farms offer opportunities for workers to return year after year.

How to Apply

Apple picking jobs are commonly advertised in late summer by individual orchards and farms, as well as through job boards and recruitment agencies. Some provinces also have programs connecting domestic and international workers to agricultural positions.

To apply, watch for postings starting in July/August. Having experience in farm work or landscaping can be helpful, but many farms are willing to train motivated workers with no prior experience.  A reliable vehicle is often required as orchards can be in rural areas.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Specific job requirements, salaries and application processes can vary. Interested individuals should verify all pertinent details with prospective employers before applying.

Working as an apple picker allows you to play a hands-on role in local food production while embracing the autumn harvest season in one of Canada's many beautiful agricultural regions. For those seeking a unique and rewarding seasonal job, it's an opportunity worth considering.