This language translator for text translation and image . free translator Language speak and voice and whatsapp and Messenger, which allows you to translate all languages like English to Arabic and many others. When traveling or negotiating around the world, you will meet people who speak different languages, or you will need to translate a wide variety of documents, and our language system provides impeccable translation services!

You can quickly get translation results by taking documents, menus, and street signs. This app makes you worry-free in foreign countries.

  • Less data, Faster translate
  • Support more than 100 languages
  • Offline mode and Voice translation available
  • Al Camera translation

Whenever you need translation during your travels, business trips or while studying a language, just bring this app, a smart cross-application translator which can translate multiple languages for you.

Main features:

1) Cross-application Translation

Translate in any app with the floating ball. Chat without borders and read without barriers.

2) Text Translation

Real-time text translation for phrases and words.

3) Image Translation

Automatic recognition and translation of text in the image by taking a picture and pressing the button, and it also can recognize 18 languages.

4) Voice Translation

Real-time voice translation to both text and audio.

5) Offline translation

Can translate even in offline mode. Free from network limits.

6) Conversation Translation

Simultaneously speak in each other's language when talking one-on-one with a foreigner.

Be confident anytime, anywhere.

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