How to Get Back Lost Android Data! Yes, You can get it back

We store essential information on our mobile devices today. We constantly live in constant fear of losing this data, which is why we make an effort to store as much of it as we can in the cloud so that, in the event of an unfortunate event, we could quickly recover the data. The majority of us, however, are not satisfied with storing everything in the cloud because we are aware that it is not completely secure and that data breaches have occurred frequently. As a result, we frequently save private information locally on a mobile device. The draw-back of keeping your data only on the mobile device is that it's prone to get lost and is very difficult to retrieve. However, in this piece, we'll provide you with a simple for the android mobile phones. Let’s dive into it 

For Android, there is a program named Mobikin Doctor. It's a fantastic app that can quickly recover data from an Android smartphone and is incredibly simple to use. From Android-powered smartphones and tablets, it can recover deleted text messages, contacts, photos, music, and other data. With the aid of Mobikin Doctor, you can quickly recover lost data on Android regardless of the operating system you use because it works with both Windows and Mac. Data recovery is the simplest possible procedure. Simply open the Mobikin Doctor for Android on your PC and connect your Android phone to it using a USB cable. The app's design is very straightforward and self-explanatory. However, we will demonstrate how to use Mobikin Doctor to recover files.

Switch on USB debugging

On your Android smartphone, go to the "Settings" menu.

To access "About Phone," scroll down.

About 7 times of tapping on the Build number is required to enable the developer options.

When you return to the settings page after seeing the notification, the 'Developer Options' menu will have appeared at the bottom.

Scroll down in the Developer Options tab until you see USB Debugging. Activate the option by pressing OK.

Before you begin recovering your lost files on Android, make sure USB Debugging is enabled.

On Android, recover deleted data, 

Launch Mobikin Doctor on your PC first. You can choose from a number of Mobikin Doctor's software options on the primary screen. As this tutorial is about recovering deleted data from an Android device, we will stay with the Android Recovery this time. To choose Android Recovery.

The software will prompt you to connect your Android smartphone to the PC as soon as you choose Android Recovery.

The Mobikin app will be installed on your Android smartphone in a few seconds.

The Android app has a few features, but since this tutorial is not about browsing files or installing/uninstalling apps, we won't go into detail about them.

You can now see a variety of data on Mobikin Doctor on your PC that needs to be recovered. Contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, audios, and documents can all be recovered.

You can choose to pick all types or just the one you want to recover.

You can see all the information that was discovered on your device on the page that follows. Both the data that is presently on your device and the data that was lost or deleted are included. The erased or deleted data can be recovered by searching through the categories.

Toggle the top switch that states Only show the deleted item to simplify things a bit.(s).

Click the Recover option at the bottom after selecting the data you want to restore.

Click OK after selecting the folder where you want to save the Android data that was recovered after being deleted.

Hope this might low your stress on your lost data. Keep sharing with your friends and family to make them happy on this lost!