Data Entry Jobs Online Earn Up to $35/hour 

Offline data entry is the process of manually entering data from one source into another. This type of data entry work is sometimes referred to as basic or routine data entry work. You must enter the data yourself and save it somewhere in this. You'll need to be familiar with Excel or any other tool that your organization uses for this. A typing speed of 40-50 words per minute is also required.


Writing jobs demand excellent communication abilities as well as a good knowledge of specific languages. Starting with basic writing, one may move to a higher position as an editor. Good typing skills are also required for this type of data entry employment.

Survey Filling

It is a simple and entertaining way to earn money through data entry. This employment requires the completion of surveys after getting feedback on a company's goods and services. You can conduct surveys from home if you have an internet connection, a desktop computer or laptop, and an email address.

Processor of Emails

This is a high-paying, innovative position. Processing emails requires daily work. You must locate the content of hundreds of emails sent to different email accounts and build a list of them in a spreadsheet. You will have to sift through tens of thousands of emails every day and organize the data into a specific structure on an Excel sheet in order to accomplish this.

Alright now we know what are the types, so lets dive into the ways and ideas where you could start further. 


The finest website for finding online data entry jobs for independent freelancers is Fiverr. If you want to pursue a career in data entry, Fiverr is the perfect place to start.

On Fiverr, you must first create a free account and fill it up with details about your qualifications, experiences, skills, and area of expertise for data entry operators. All of the information should be correct because it will impact whether or not you get hired.

You need to frequently update your profile so that businesses and employers can get in touch with you about data entry and transcribing employment. Your fees are flexible. You can charge more as your experience grows.


Upwork is a freelance portal. There are a variety of freelancing opportunities available here, including data entry employment. It advertises about 5000 remote data entry jobs. The project's time and cost may alter depending on the work and the hiring of new staff. You may choose it based on the project's description, requirements, level of expertise, bid, location, and so on. The gateway is 100% secure and safe. Simply sign up as a freelancer and fill out all of the necessary information, including your skills and experience. If you are a recent graduate, there is no problem; simply utilize the filter to look for entry-level positions. Using the great filter, you may specify your level of expertise, duration, and availability.


The popular job search engine Internshala is regularly used by people looking for internships and career possibilities. On the website or app, you can find a plethora of data entry jobs and internships with competitive pay. There are several data entry jobs available on the internet, ranging from full-time to part-time, depending on the candidate's qualifications. Simply construct your CV in accordance with Internshala's standards after enrolling on the website or mobile app. Internshala will assist you in creating a résumé that will be shared with employers so they can vet potential candidates, eliminating the need for you to send one. You are now ready to begin after registering and establishing a CV.

Click Worker.

Click Worker is a crowdsourcing platform that connects registered employees with data entry, writing, research, and translation projects. These are frequently small tasks that pay less than a dollar to complete. To join Clickworker, you must first pass a skills evaluation. Work can be done from anywhere and at any time.


Data entry services offered by MegaTypers, a labor-management firm, are available to both public and commercial businesses. Data entry is one of the tasks available on the internet. Working for MegaTypers offers several benefits, including the ability to begin with a minimal typing speed of 10 words per minute and relatively flexible work hours.

These above listed platforms are legit, where I am personally having experience on it. If you are a student, or a house wife, the above method would definitely work for you. Until see you next time, go through our websites and find a lot of valuable information.